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MedAtlas makes it easy for you to connect with Specialist doctors that meet your healthcare needs.

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Our Story

The continent of Africa is home. 

If you have tried to access specialist services at home, you understand how much uncertainty there is. Where should I start? Who is qualified? How to reach a specialist? How much will it cost me? 

After 10 years of our personal experiences navigating these challenges, MedAtlas has been built with care to simplify access to specialist care for the next generation.

We see a future where technology makes it easier for all people on the continent to get timely, convenient and affordable care. All the while receiving the relevant health information and support needed to achieve their healthcare goals.

We are the future of specialist healthcare in Africa!

- Margaret Mutumba (Founder & CEO)



Empowering our users with informative content


Access to licensed specialists, ensuring superior quality care


Affordable treatment with flexible payment options and tiered packages


A meaningful community of support to share experiences